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                Plastic Film Blowing Machine
                piastic Bag-making Machine
                Plastic Printing Machine
                 Plastic Recycling Machine
                Others plastic machines
            Add:Plastic Industrial Area Ying Kou Economic & Technical Development Zone Liao Ning China
            Tel:0086-417-7206666 7209555

                YINGKOU PENGDA Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. (Form: YINGKOU PENGDA Plastic Machine Factory) was built in 1988, located in Plastic Industrial Area Ying Kou Economic & Technical Development Zone LiaoNing China, which is an enterprise specializing in developing and producing various plastic series machinery products. We are engaged in manufacturing Plastic Film Blowing Machine, Computer-Controlled Bag-making Machine, Printing Machine, Plastic Recycling Machine and the related plastic machines’ membrane and the service. Our registered Brand is "ZHAN PENG ". For 20 years, our product is well-selling in domestic market, simultaneously sells in distant markets such as South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Africa and the other ocean shore.

                The enterprise’s technical is abundant, the production management system is perfect, Pays great attention to the new product and the technical change innovation, strengthens the product after-sales service which was authenticated by the ISO9001 International Quality System. The product design is scientific, the highly effective energy conservation, used widely, the advanced craft is in the leading levels of domestic and foreign, Creating the greatest value for all customers.
                Winning Customers, Trust by Matter-of-fact Attitude, Revealing Enterprise’s image by quality. Our enterprise will whole heartedly welcome numerous customers at home and abroad to visit us for guidance and business discussion.

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